Wednesday, February 25th “Bad Meets Evil”


Wednesday, February 25th

“Bad Meets Evil”

20 min OTM

odd min- athletes choice of gymnastic skill (pull up, chest to bar, Handstand push up, Handstand hold, Handstand walk, muscle up, ring dips, etc) *ask coach to assist in setting reps or time working on movement
even min- athletes choice of weightlifting skill (clean or snatch) adding weight as possible each round  *ask coach for setting reps per round

post gymnastic skill progress and highest weight achieved in weighlifting movement


**If you missed a cashout make it up!!!

Tuesday, February 23rd “Chicken Wing”


Tuesday, February 23rd

1-10 min squat mobility

2-”Chicken Wing”

8 min AMRAP

15-KB Sumo DL HP (55/35)

15-wall balls (20/14)

post rounds plus reps


“Lean and Mean” cashout

100 calories for time row or Airdyne

post time to board




Monday, February 23rd “Rebel Soul”


Monday, February 23rd

“Rebel Soul”
50 Double Unders
20 Kettlebell Swings (70/45)
7 Jerks (185/135)  *Modify weight as necessary

Post Rounds and Reps to Comments

“Lean and Mean” cashout

1 min sit ups

1min plank

1 min flutter kicks

1 min plank

1 min sit ups


Saturday, February 21st Team up Saturday!


Saturday, February 21st

Team of 2 chipper

50-cal airdyne

60-pull ups

70-push ups

80-box over jumps (30/24)

90- air squats

80-box overs (30/24)

70-push ups

60-pull ups

50-cal airdyne

post time to board with creative team name!!!

Friday, February 20th Partner Friday


Friday, February 20th

Teams of 2

20 min AMRAP

1000m row buy in (divide row evenly)

then  AMRAP

10- OH plate lunges (45/25)

10- Kb Sumo DL HP (70/55)

10-Sit ups

*complete entire round then switch with partner

post score to board


Thursday, February 19th “Enter Sandman”


“Enter Sandman”
Thruster (95/65)
Chest To Bar Pull-Ups/ pull ups
-right into-
Burpee Box Jump (24/20)
hang clean (95/65)

post time to comments


“Lean and Mean” cashout

2 rounds

1 min toes to bar

1 min hollow rocks

rest 1 min


post reps to comments

Wednesday, February 18th “Kryptonite”



Wednesday, Febuary 18th


20 Min AMRAP

4-Strict Handstand push ups (x2 push ups)

8-Kb swings (70-/55)

12-Cal row/ airdyne

post rounds plus reps

*If you missed a cashout from earlier in the week make it up!!


Tuesday, February 17th “Fudgesicle”


Tuesday, February 17th


Deadlift (205/135)


Double unders


Post time to comments


“Lean and Mean” cashout

push press 6-5-5-3-3 (add weight as possible)

*after each set 1 min plank

Monday, February 16th Happy Presidents day!


Monday, February 16th

15 min AMRAP

40-Wall Balls (20/14)

30-Box Jumps (24/20)

20-Chest to bar/ pull ups

10-Power cleans (135/85)

5-Muscle ups/ 10-ring dips


“Lean and Mean” cashout

-tabata sit ups