Saturday, September 13th “Nick Teddy 5k”


Saturday September 13th

“Nick Teddy 5k”


OPEN GYM 9-11 am.

Open gym will be a make up day for those that missed one of our awesome workouts this week!!!  If you completed every workout I will be glad to write you a fresh workout full of fun!!!
Ryan and Amber Grage

Friday, September 12th “Bring a friend day”

Bring a friend Friday!!!!

If you know anyone interested in trying out Crossfit Port Byron bring them with you to class for free!!!!  If they have attended before they are welcome again at only $5!!!

20 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

teams of 2

50- Calorie Airdyne

40-lateral hops (line or plate)

30-kb swings

20- burpee plate hops

post rounds to the board

Thursday, September 11th “Welles”


In honor of Welles Crowther a financial analyst and volunteer firefighter that selflessly acted during the 9/11 bombings and saved multiple lives.

Welles chose to go up and down the stairs multiple times helping those that were wounded get to safety.


2 rounds

78- air squats (78th floor is where he rescued people)

19-pull ups (19 was his lucky number)

16- back squats @135/95 (16 was the age he became a volunteer firefighter)

61-sit ups (61 is the other floor he rescued people from)

1200m (signifying the height of the World Trade Center)

post time to the board

Wednesday, September 10th “Weightlifting/ Mobility Wednesday”

Hello Team,

Congratulations to everyone who attended today and completed their workout RX!!!!   Some of you may have seen on Facebook today that all local Crossfit gym’s will be completing the same hero WOD on Thursday, September 11th.  This workout will be longer and harder than a typical day.  Please remember that we can modify, scale, and change the workout as needed for each and every athlete.

We look forward to seeing our Crossfit gym work hard together and remember those affected by 9/11.

Wednesday, September 10th “Weightlifting/ mobility Wednesday”

1- dynamic effort warm up

2- hip/shoulder mobility 10 min

3- Hang Clean technique

4- work to a heavy hang clean (Reference Thursday, August 21st for previous hang clean results)

Tuesday, September 9th

Upcoming events at Crossfit Port Byron-

Thursday, September 11th- Hero wod (TBA) in honor of those that passed away 9/11 and those that continue to support our freedom.

Friday, September 12th- “Bring a friend day” is back in full force!!!!!!  Be thinking of who you want to bring, as always if they have already tried it out but would like to come back they are only charged a $5 drop in!!!

Saturday, September 13th- “Nick Teddy” 5 K run.  Also for those that choose not to run we will have “Open Gym” from 9-11am.  NO HARDCORE YOGA THIS SATURDAY!!!!

Saturday, September 20th- Hardcore Yoga resumes and moves to a new time of 10:15am.

Team Crossfit Port Byron,
I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for your continued dedication.  In the last couple of weeks we have grown rapidly.

I just want to pass on a quick thought that I conveyed early on and want to continue to drive.  Every workout can be intimidating and there are days the “WOD” can be overwhelming.  I want to remind everyone that  there is a reason why a Coach is available at every class to every member.  We are there to accompany you on the journey through the challenge but most importantly we are there to help scale and modify movements and workouts to allow you as the athlete to finish the day. These modifications are not a bad thing.  They are put in place to allow you as the athlete to attain the next movement in the progression all the way to RX.


Tuesday, September 9th

7 rounds 2:00 min/ 1:00 min rest

200m run/ :45 sec airdyne (slight chance of rain/storm)

7- Deadlifts

remainder of 2:00 min max effort Hand release push ups

Post total push ups to board


Monday, September 8th Happy belated birthday “Robin”


Monday, September  8th “Robin”

Happy belated birthday to my sister Robin.  Robin’s birthday was this Saturday.  Instead of coming to the gym she went to a football game with her family.

So to celebrate her birthday as a gym we will be doing a workout in her honor!!!

Happy birthday to the best big-little sister a brother could ask for!!!!


9 rounds

9-Kb swings (70/45)


34-Double unders (70 sngles)

post time to comments



Saturday, September 6th “Ledesma”



Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5  3″ deficit handstand push-ups
10 Toes to bar
15 Med ball squat clean (20/14)


Narcotics Detective and Special Assignment Unit Operator Carlos Ledesma, 34, of the Chandler Police Department, Chandler, Arizona, was shot and killed by drug dealers on July 28, 2010, during an undercover operation in Phoenix, Arizona. He is survived by his wife Sherry and sons Luciano and Elijo.


Friday, September 5th “Bring a friend Friday”

We are once again offering “Bring a friend Friday”.  Feel free to bring a friend so they can check out our new facility and see what Crossfit is all about!!!  Look forward to seeing some new faces.  Those that have already attended a free day are more than welcome for only $5!!!

Partner workout with one person worrking at a time. All reps divided evenly.

15 min amrap

30-Box over jumps (24/20)

30-Ring dips/ Box dips

40-Oh plate lunges (your choice for plate)


Thursday, September 4th “Helen”

Crossfit Port Byron members,

Saturday September 13th our gym WOD will be the Nick Teddy 5K!!! Sign up for the race at  We are excited to be a part of this local race event.  We will also be offering an open gym for those who choose not to run the race.

Also this Friday will again be “bring a friend Friday”!!!!!!   Look forward to seeing plenty of new faces.  As always this has to be a new friend.  If you bring a friend who has already attended for free they can purchase a drop in for only $5!!!!



1- Sumo Deadlift 7×3


2- “Helen”

3 rounds

400m run

21-KB swings (55/35)

12-pull ups

post time to comments


Wednesday, September 3rd

1- Clean and jerk technique


2- OTM 16

odd- 1 power clean + 1 Hang clean + 1 push Jerk (add weight as technique allows)

even- :40 max effort airdyne

record highest weight of complex


cashout- 5 rounds

10-band pull aparts

10-band muscle snatch