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Member Spotlight: April 2017
Meet Tom and Kate Felts
Tom started crossfit in July 2016 after watching his son Max participate in conditioning classes Ryan was coaching for their Wildcats baseball team. When Tom began his first day of crossfit, he weighed 310 pounds. After 9 months at CFPB, he has loss 70 pounds now weighing 240 pounds. Tom had a yearly physical in January 2017. His numbers were beyond incredible. Tom’s blood pressure went from 151/88 to 114/74, his cholesterol 196 to 154, sugar level 102 to 83, and his triglycerides 153 to 70. That appointment was an eye opener for him on how bad he allowed himself to get. He said, never again.
Kate started crossfit in August 2016 after noticing all the changes in Tom just after a month. She knew then she needed to make changes as well. Eight months later, Kate has loss 50 pounds. She won our lean and mean challenge this past winter losing 24.6 pounds and 27 inches in just 6 weeks. One of her proudest moments is she was wearing a 20/22 jean when she began and is now in a size 14/16 jean which she has never worn ever in her life.
Why is crossfit important to them?
They love how everyday it is different, the workouts can be modify to adapt to anyone’s ability, the community and CFPB coaches are very supportive no matter your abilities, it’s their therapy to help relieve stress, and most of all to keep up with their 10 year old son Max. Crossfit has changed them not only physically, but mentally as well. They have a new outlook on life. Crossfit has taught them how to eat healthy, but still live. Being active is now important to them, especially being able to do this as a family. Max being in crossfit kids allows them all to be excited when they accomplish a gymnastics movement or PR a lift. They love the challenge crossfit offers “We love competing with ourselves. What can I do today that I was unable to do yesterday”.
They both competed in the 2017 Crossfit Open. The only goal they had was to be able to do all the movements in the scaled division, Tom RX’d two of the workouts and Kate RX’d one of the workouts. For them that was proof, crossfit is for anyone. “If we can do this, anyone can.”
Tom and Kate are a perfect example of the purpose of CFPB. They are such a joy to coach. Their positive, outgoing personalities are contagious and make class a fun time. Keep up the hard work. We couldn’t be more proud of you.



Member Spotlight- November 2014

For our first member spotlight I would love to introduce everyone to Pamela Ebel.  She has done a phenomenal job at transitioning into to Crossfit.  Pamela had just recently recovered from illness and wanted to get back in shape.

In the last three weeks Pamela has made great gains in strength and conditioning.  Everyday no matter what the workout is she shows up with a positive attitude and is eager to learn new skill sets.

I am proud to coach you each and every day.

Keep up the hard work Pamela!!!!