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Member Spotlight
Meet Georgia Miller

Georgia’s family has a long history with diabetes and her doctor told her that it was only a matter of time that she too would be struggling with diabetes due to her pancreas. She was frustrated and she always turned to comfort food to deal with her frustrations. After starting down the wrong path figuring this is going to be her life, her daughter Trish urged her to give crossfit a try. Georgia admits she had the misconception that crossfit was only for the young and fit population. After much convincing from her daughter, she walked into Crossfit Port Byron at the age of 67 and gave it a try.
She is the first to admit she quits things easily and had a hard time trusting the trainers at first. She was convinced she would hurt herself. She couldn’t even pick up a barbell at the time. She started with just using 5lb. plates for weights. She was embarrassed and would leave right after the workout. Now, she is coming 4 days a week, using a barbell with weights, and feels comfortable being at the gym even if her daughter can’t make it.
What she loves about crossfit is having a coach there to help modify movements to fit her needs and to motivate her to push herself more and more everyday. “The coaches and community are genuinely supportive.” She has tried other fitness facilities and she never received the guidance or motivation she gets from crossfit. “I have wasted a lot of money at other fitness gyms, crossfit hasn’t been a waste of my money or time.”
Her husband has several health issues and this has been a huge stress reliever for her, instead of, turning to food. She owes much of this to her daughter. “Without her calling me and saying see you at crossfit, she would have quit in the beginning.” Her daughter has been her biggest supporter and motivator. Her husband is also very proud of her and that has helped her self-confidence as well.
“People shouldn’t be afraid to try crossfit no matter their size, age, or abilities. It is for everyone.” -Georgia Miller (age 67)



Member Spotlight:
Erin Allen (Liam-5 months),
Maria Kruckenberg (Noah-11months), and
Kim Davis (Bennett-18 months)


Being a first time mom is a major adjustment and for many moms finding time for themselves is a constant struggle. For these three ladies, their biggest struggle is feeling guilty for being away from their boys. They realize they need “me” time to be healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically for themselves and their families. That is what crossfit does for them as well as being a huge stress reliever. It is one hour they get for themselves without having to worry about their child. “It wouldn’t be possible without the support from their husbands, family, friends, and the CFPB coaches. You really don’t have an excuse to not workout when you have friends, family, and even the coaches willing to help out.”


All three ladies said working out during pregnancy was the best choice they ever made. It kept them strong and active and made it a lot easier to come back once their babies were born. Prior to being pregnant, crossfit was a luxury for them and recovery time was much easier. Now, it’s trying to fit it in between work schedules, between naps and bedtime, between feedings, or still going when had little to no sleep the night before. “You feel like Wonder Woman when you get yourself to the gym and accomplish everything. You don’t realize what you are capable of until you really test yourself.” Watching the other moms at the gym is a huge motivation to all of them. Seeing how fit and strong they are after having babies is such an inspiration that they too can get to their own fitness goals.


CFPB coaches are very proud of these three moms who have stuck with crossfit during and after their pregnancies. You are a true example that you don’t have to give up your active lifestyle and that you are still capable of succeeding in your goals being a new mom.








Member Spotlight:


Meet Rik Slone
Sixteen years ago, Rik lost his leg to an industrial accident. From the beginning, He was determined to stay motivated in keeping fit regardless of what he lost in the in the accident. He wasn’t going to allow losing his leg take away what he had already gained. However, over the years he kept trying to find an activity that was comfortable for his prosthetic and he was having difficulty finding his why. Then, he took a desk job from the industrial work about four years ago and started to see the weight gain. His wife, Nina found a picture of Rik’s biological father on Facebook. When Rik saw the picture of his father he has never met, he knew genetics wasn’t in his favor. He wanted to stay healthy and fit for his two daughters. Rik along with Nina wanted to make sure to be examples for their daughters to show the importance of staying active and fit throughout life. Nina who had been doing crossfit for a few months bought him a one month membership at Crossfit Port Byron.
He was hooked the moment he started. He saw crossfit as a personal challenge. He was determined to adapt to this challenge instead of seeing it as a limitation. Crossfit hasn’t only helped him physically, but also mentally. When he is having a hard day crossfit is his outlet. He even participated in the 2017 Open. He says he has never experienced anything like he did in those five weeks. He found himself checking to see how he stacked up with others. He was proud he was doing as well as he was. The weighted lunges were probably the most challenging movement for him to perform in the open. Outside of taking his first steps after the accident, the feeling of accomplishment of being able to complete the movement with his prosthetic was probably his proudest moment as an amputee. He has never wanted his prosthetic to define him or be a reason why he was unable to do something and being able to accomplish a movement he never thought was possible proved he can do this like anyone else.
Since the open, Rik has been working with his doctor for possibly a different prosthetic so he is able to accomplish certain movements like the weighted lunges and overhead squats a little easier. He feels a better prosthetic will allow him to challenge himself even more in these difficult movements instead of becoming frustrated with them.
Rik loves working out with his wife. He enjoys watching her, along with other women in the gym, work just as hard as the men. He feels in crossfit we are all on the same playing field embracing it together. “It’s more than a gym. We are a team.”
Rik doesn’t believe in excuses. “He wants to see what kind of damage he can do.” He wants to see what challenges he can adapt to and overcome.
“Crossfit gave him his why and it makes him feel whole.”
Rik is a perfect example that crossfit is for anyone. His sense of humor and his willingness to take on adversity are two of our favorite attributes about him. We are happy to have him and his wife Nina as part of Crossfit Port Byron.






Member Spotlight: April 2017
Meet Tom and Kate Felts
Tom started crossfit in July 2016 after watching his son Max participate in conditioning classes Ryan was coaching for their Wildcats baseball team. When Tom began his first day of crossfit, he weighed 310 pounds. After 9 months at CFPB, he has loss 70 pounds now weighing 240 pounds. Tom had a yearly physical in January 2017. His numbers were beyond incredible. Tom’s blood pressure went from 151/88 to 114/74, his cholesterol 196 to 154, sugar level 102 to 83, and his triglycerides 153 to 70. That appointment was an eye opener for him on how bad he allowed himself to get. He said, never again.
Kate started crossfit in August 2016 after noticing all the changes in Tom just after a month. She knew then she needed to make changes as well. Eight months later, Kate has loss 50 pounds. She won our lean and mean challenge this past winter losing 24.6 pounds and 27 inches in just 6 weeks. One of her proudest moments is she was wearing a 20/22 jean when she began and is now in a size 14/16 jean which she has never worn ever in her life.
Why is crossfit important to them?
They love how everyday it is different, the workouts can be modify to adapt to anyone’s ability, the community and CFPB coaches are very supportive no matter your abilities, it’s their therapy to help relieve stress, and most of all to keep up with their 10 year old son Max. Crossfit has changed them not only physically, but mentally as well. They have a new outlook on life. Crossfit has taught them how to eat healthy, but still live. Being active is now important to them, especially being able to do this as a family. Max being in crossfit kids allows them all to be excited when they accomplish a gymnastics movement or PR a lift. They love the challenge crossfit offers “We love competing with ourselves. What can I do today that I was unable to do yesterday”.
They both competed in the 2017 Crossfit Open. The only goal they had was to be able to do all the movements in the scaled division, Tom RX’d two of the workouts and Kate RX’d one of the workouts. For them that was proof, crossfit is for anyone. “If we can do this, anyone can.”
Tom and Kate are a perfect example of the purpose of CFPB. They are such a joy to coach. Their positive, outgoing personalities are contagious and make class a fun time. Keep up the hard work. We couldn’t be more proud of you.



Member Spotlight- November 2014

For our first member spotlight I would love to introduce everyone to Pamela Ebel.  She has done a phenomenal job at transitioning into to Crossfit.  Pamela had just recently recovered from illness and wanted to get back in shape.

In the last three weeks Pamela has made great gains in strength and conditioning.  Everyday no matter what the workout is she shows up with a positive attitude and is eager to learn new skill sets.

I am proud to coach you each and every day.

Keep up the hard work Pamela!!!!