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Saturday, October 18th “Bigfoot”

Saturday, October 18th “Bigfoot” Partner workout 4 rounds (every 2 min both partners complete 5 burpees in sync) 40- KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull 40-Goblet box step ups (20 per person/10 per leg) 40-American Kb Swings rest 2 min run 200m run 400m run 600m x2 (one person runs/ one person rests) post final time more »

Friday, October 17th “Bring a friend day”

  Friday, October 17th “Bring a friend day” Have a friend who is interested in Crossfit???  Bring them today at no charge!!!! teams of 2 30- Air squats 30-Hand release push ups 30-ring rows 30-knees to chest 5 min amrap/ rest 1 min x4 **begin where you left off in previous round.

Thursday, October 16th “La bomba”

Thursday, October 16th 1-Deadlift 5×5 add weight as possible 2-”La Bomba” 500m row then 3 rounds 20-box jumps(24/20) 15-push press (115/75)   “Lean and Mean” cash out :40 work/ :20 rest row or airdyne 5 min rest 1 min then Tabata row or airdyne (:20 work/ :10 rest 8 rounds)  

Wednesday, October 15th

Wednesday, October 15th partner workout, each person completes entire workout. run 200 5-burpees 5-kb swings (70/45 or 55/35) run 400 m 10-burpees 10-kb swings run 600 m 15- burpees 15- kb swing run 800 m 20-burpees 20-kb swings post time to board (25 min cap)

Tuesday, October 14th “Annie”

  Please take the time to set a goal that will go from now until 11/24. Refer to 9/2 for previous “Annie” results. 1- build to 3rm hang clean 2- “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 -Double unders (x3 singles) -sit ups 3-”Lean and Mean” cash out-  7 min plank :45/ rest :15  

Monday, October 13th “Fran”

  We are very excited for all those that signed up for the “Lean and Mean” challenge!!!! If you were unable to attend the nutrition talk and weigh ins/ measurements you can still sign up.  Weigh ins and measurements need done ASAP. 1- Back squat 5×5 add weight as possible 2- “Fran” 21/15/9 -Thrusters (95/65) more »

Saturday, October 11th Partner up!!!

Partner up!!! 400m med ball run (together) 100 wall balls (20/14) 400m med ball run (together) 100- pull ups/ring rows 400m med ball run (together) 100-sit ups 400m med ball run (together) 100-med ball squat cleans (20/14) *divide work evenly, alternate carrying ball as necessary. Post time to the board

Friday, October 10th “Bring a friend day”

Today is Bring-a-Friend Day! All classes free to try!!! “Skip Jive” Teams of 2 AMRAP 20: 1 Burpee Box Jump (24/20), 1 Calorie Row/ airdyne 2 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20), 2 Calorie Row/ airdyne 3 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20), 3 Calorie Row/ airdyne Relay style, each partner completes the reps before advancing. Continue to climb more »

Thursday, October 9th

1- Snatch grip deadlift 2RM (build up to heaviest 2 rep) 2- OTM 14 even- 5-sumo deadlifts @ 75% of  10/1 weight 15- air squats odd- :45 plank   cashout- “Upper back protocol”  

Wednesday, October 8th “Amber G”

1-hip mobility/ shoulder mobility (10 min)   2- “Amber G” 400m run 5 rounds 4- muscle ups/8 chest to bar/ pull ups/ ring rows 6-strict handstand push ups/12 push ups 35-double unders/ 70- singles then 400m run and 20 burpees